A coated fire batt acts as an air seal barrier to service penetrations in walls floors and ceilings. A 50mm or 60mm thickness batt gives 4 hours fire and smoke barrier and up to 2 hours insulation.

This is a system we install throughout the construction industry.

Fire Batts


Intumescent pipe collars can provide up to 4 hours fire resistance. When exposed to heat from a fire the collar will rapidly expand inwards to crush the pipe until it is completely sealed. These can be fitted through walls ceilings and floors.
This is a system we can install in various sizes and products.

Fire Collars


Intumescent pipe wraps are designed to provide protection from fire offering a simple and more cost-effective alternative to fire stop pipe collars, providing fire stopping for plastic pipework and electrical trunking in walls and floors.
We offer this system in various sizes up to 163mm.

Fire Wraps


This is a specially formulated gypsum based mortar which is mixed with water and trowelled or poured around service penetrations.

It is used to stop the spread of fire and smoke along services that pass-through compartment walls and floors. This system also provides a thermal acoustic and air sealing performance.
We also install this system to SVP’s.

Fire Stop Compound


This is a water based acrylic emulsion sealant containing graphite. It expands at temperatures above 135oC sealing around various penetrations and services to prevent a passage for smoke and flames. It is intended for a wide range of through penetrations and construction joint applications. We install this mainly to block work both horizontal and vertical joints, we can also install fire stop silicone if required.

Corofil Desck Profile


PFC corofil firestop strips and blocks provide up to 6 ours fire protection.

They are used to seal all roof wall and floor deck profiles.

A typical installation example for this is PFC C144, however we are able to install a whole range.

Intumescent fire stop sealant

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